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Dragonfly crystal hand made sleepmask

Comfortable high quality masks.

Sleep masks, absolutely great, have more features than helping you sleeping during morning or day if you working in a night shift. 
I have realized that they are also easy handy when traveling, actually if you are traveling across the time zones. 
And another important feature, an eye mask could make hospital patients fall asleep better than before.
  if you have a comrade or a family who has to stay at hospital for a short or long time, a sleep mask can be a nice and very useful gifts.
Do you know how sleeping mask work? 
They easily hold back the light , faking yourself into "thinking" that it is night - it is time to sleep. 
After all, the main idea is maintaining your sleep or wake cycles are the amount of sunlight in the environment. 
That is why you will commonly have trouble getting a high quality 8 hours sleep in a brightly room.
 amfashion mask have a unique shape and blocks out ambient light



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